12 Months & Counting

Here is our top wedding planning checklist:

Decide on the number of guests

Wedding Planning Checklist

Creating a wedding guest list may come as a bit of a challenge for some couples whereas for others it’s easy. The two basic constraints when it comes to numbers are of course capacity at the venues and budget. Create a draft guest list before you visit wedding venues as capacity will determine the size of the wedding venue you should consider. 

Set wedding budget

Wedding Planning Checklist

First decide where the money is coming from… savings, parents, or other family members. Estimate the number on your guest list as the cost is pretty much based on headcount. And finally, decide on what is a priority and what’s not.

Choose your wedding date

Are you planning your wedding around a season, a location, or a special date? If you are set on a specific venue, make sure to book it well in advance. It might be worth checking the availability of your favourite suppliers e.g. if you are dead set on having the Bentley Boys perform at your wedding then check in with us to see if they are available before you fix your date.  If you can coordinate availability of your venue and your star supplier then you’re all set!

Book your ceremony and reception venues

Wedding Planning Checklist

There are so many options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a stunning barn, an elegant ballroom, a luxury hotel, or a sandy beach. Lean on your venue wedding coordinator for recommendations for top quality wedding suppliers.  They have seen it all and will have a good handle on the quality and professionalism of many suppliers and they will be keen to recommend only the best.

Book a Wedding Band & DJ

Bentley Boys Wedding Band

The majority of band bookings are taken 8-12 months before the wedding day and any later than that and you start to miss the boat with your favourite wedding bands. Consider all your entertainment requirements including:

  • Ceremony
  • Pre-Dinner/During-Dinner Music
  • After Dinner Party Band
  • Full DJ Service

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Decide if you want a wedding planner

Wedding Planning Checklist

And make sure to book at least 12 months before.

Draft guest list and their addresses

wedding planning checklist

If you don’t know where to start and where to stop it might be a good idea to have an A list and a B list. Avoid last-minute add-ons too.

Research and book photographer/videographer

Wedding Planning Checklist

Your wedding day photographs will last a lifetime. They are the wedding photographs that you will show your children and your grandchildren. They will stand the test of time. It’s important to research and book your photographer and videographer to ensure you capture the magic and special moments of your wedding day.

Book florist

Wedding Planning Checklist

One of the big most frequently asked questions is when should you book your florist for your wedding. The big hassle is choosing the right florist who you know will give you what you want and how you want it. Your florist needs to be able to understand you and listen to your requests. Once you find a florist you can work with and who will provide you with style, artistry and professionalism, you should book them with a small deposit to secure your date. At that point, there is no harm in leaving it until 4-8 weeks before your wedding to finalise the details of what it is exactly you want and need.

Finalise guest list

There is a good chance that once it’s time to order save the dates or invitations, you’ll have changed your mind about who you want to invite. Couples may have broken up, new relationships have started or gotten more serious, you’ve become closer to some friends while growing apart from others, family members are estranged or have reconciled, these are just some examples of why you might need to make some changes before finalizing the guest list.

Book Hair & Makeup

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding hair and makeup artists are more in demand on some dates than they are on others. There’ll be more competition for peak wedding-season dates like summer bank holidays than there will for mid-week winter bookings. So, if you’re hoping to tie the knot on New Year’s, get those emails sent. Dates like these will go fast, there’s really no such thing as booking too soon in this instance. Book, Book, Book!!!

Book Honeymoon

Book early… You may think you can get a bargain at the last minute but you won’t be so lucky, especially if you are trying to go further afield for a long-haul honeymoon destination. In fact, you will miss out on special offers, the best accommodation, flight options, room choices and, in our case, special early booking rates, so there are great benefits to booking early especially when you are on a tight wedding budget.

Still looking for a wedding band?

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