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Doonbeg Memories

Oh, the memories come flooding back – what an incredible wedding this was! New Yorkers Tiffany Yang and TJ Connolly got married in beautiful Doonbeg, county Clare in October of 2012, in the recently renamed Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Doonbeg. The Bentley Boys had the privilege of providing their wedding entertainment throughout the day! The entire wedding was something straight out of a romantic novel and as Louis Walsh would say, the wedding was ‘gonna be huge’ so we left no stone unturned in the pursuit of professionalism and perfection for Tiffany and TJ.

Watch this amazing video by Denee Motion of Tiffany and TJ’s wedding in Ireland! Photo’s by Cathy Loughran.


The couple wanted ‘the works’ with all the pizzazz and showmanship only the Bentley Boys can bring, and that’s exactly what we gave them! The party began in earnest with our two-piece drinks reception music consisting of light jazz piano and saxophone which eased the wedding entourage into the day. This was followed by our exquisite EIGHT piece party band which featured the super-duper duel combination of female and male vocals, and a brass section so funky it should be outlawed! The all-action band ROCKED the party goers for three hours with disco, funk, and old-school rock tunes in the only way American’s like their music: loud and LOUDER again. And just in case they didn’t have enough by then, our BB DJ kept the party-goers shaking their moneymakers until the wee hours!

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First Dances 

TJ and Tiffany chose not one, but four first dance songs. True story! For most couples choosing one, is hard enough! However, music was very important to both TJ and Tiffany. That’s really all they spoke about in the run-up to their big day. They wanted the dance floor filled at all times and sure, isn’t that what we do? ‘We fill dance floors’ and ‘Music for your feet’ is the mantra Bentley Boys live by every time we step foot on a stage. So it’s no wonder they choose us to help them celebrate their day!

Fun Fact! Did you know? With Bentley Boys’ entertainment options, you choose the number of band members and which instruments you want for your wedding. It’s that simple!

The first song was unique in many ways; Barry Louis Pollisar’s – ‘All I Want is You’, from the film Juno, caused a tear or two to fall from one’s cheek as the newly married couple danced together. This was followed by the first group dance song, Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long‘ – what a party tune! TJ and Tiffany had asked us to play this song to get everybody on the floor as soon as the first dance was complete! Their final request was the important father-daughter and mother-son dances to follow closely.

Around 100 of their close family and friends were in attendance but you’d be forgiven if you thought more people were actually there. These guys went banana’s on the dance floor, throwing shapes and break dancing the likes of which Clare people have never witnessed before or since!

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What They Said

Tiffany and TJ were most gracious to leave a review for us and a link to their wedding video. As usual we are humbled by what they had to say about us.

“We want to thank you for such an outstanding job at our wedding in Doonbeg in October. From start to finish, you had all of our guests on their feet and dancing. We thought the song choices were excellent – our first dance song was magical and felt purely intimate and fun at the same time. Music was an exceptionally important part of our wedding and you were so impressive. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything! Tiffany & TJ”

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Here’s the link once again to Tiffany and TJ’s amazing wedding video in case you missed it at the start. Enjoy!

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