Having been in the industry for about a decade, we routinely hear about ‘wedding bands’ not showing up for a wedding.

Can you imagine the panic? The frantic phonecalls? The utter despair? Your big day over without it’s rightful celebration with family and friends on a dancefloor? The next day’s angry post mortem? Devastation instead of joy?  

We don’t have to imagine the panic because all too often we witness it first hand.

Are we angry about how some individuals and bands operate in the industry? YES!! Why? Inflicting that level of stress is not right. Unfortunately, we get these calls about once a month at our office. It stresses us out!

At one point we got a call at 10pm….What followed was an attempt by us to calm an emotional mother of the bride two days before her daughter’s wedding. That inevitable phrase the band have let us downrepeated over and over. We promised her we would sort it, we would be there and we would be awesome – words that opened floodgates of thankful tears.  The relieved groom had been ‘to hell and back’ trying to get in touch with his ‘band’ the week before to no avail.

Another hotel called us looking for our help, on the day of a wedding. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we simply couldn’t be of assistance. Another instance involved repeated calls and emails to a ‘band’, with no activity on the band’s facebook page for the last month. We stepped into help.

How can you avoid hearing the words, “the band have let us down?” We provide a guide here. With The Bentley Boys your pick of talented musicians, meaning you’ll never have to face this terrible dilemma. It also means we can step in occasionally and save the day:


“Life Savers!!!!!! 48 hours prior to our wedding was supposed to be a time to relax prior to the big day. Unfortunately for us we received a call – the band would not be able to perform at the wedding. We had booked our original band 18 months prior to our wedding, paid deposits, signed contracts.

Now 48 hours before our wedding we had no band. My mum had signed up to the Bentley Boys email list when we first got engaged I don’t really know why we didn’t ever enquire with them but it just was one of those things.

Anyway we called and spoke to Daire who was brilliant. He called back the next day to say he had managed to get the full band together. They saved our wedding. We are so grateful for what they did for us prior to the wedding let alone the day of the wedding. I had so many guests comment on how good the band were. They had everyone up dancing and really enjoying themselves. They are so professional and they really made the evening of the wedding. Thank you so much.”

Dan & Katy

Harvey’s Point Hotel, Donegal

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