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Top 10 Father Daughter Songs of 2015

Requests for Father Daughter Songs are fast becoming the growing trend at Irish weddings. It’s already a huge part of couples’ wedding celebrations over the pond in the U.S, but Bentley Boys continues to receive more and more frequent requests for father daughter songs.

Irish brides have a special connection with their dads and, on an already emotional day like your wedding, sometimes words can fail you when you need them most! They say actions speak louder than words. So, what better way to thank your father for rearing the rounded person you’ve become, picked you up after a night out back in the day, and now, is giving you away on your wedding day? Embarrass him on the dance floor with a special song!

All joking aside, the sentimental dance and embrace between a bride and her father is unique and getting the song choice right is of paramount importance if you are to capture the mood of the occasion. Here we have listed a wide variety of father daughter songs for you to choose from. So, get ready to whisk your dad onto the dance floor on your wedding day to one of these songs!

10 – My Wish – Rascal Flatts

American country music fans will know of Rascall Flats. ‘My Wish’ is a song for fathers and daughters that prefer country music and want to slow dance. It has incredible emotive lyrics that any father would want to say to his daughter on her wedding day.

9 – Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman

What bride isn’t already a princess? Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman wrote his song ‘Cinderella’ for his two daughters. American brides, in particular, request this song as it has the perfect blend of powerful lyrics and romantic music.

8 – Father and Daughter – Paul Simon

1960’s folk star Paul Simon wrote this gorgeous song for his daughter, and for the children’s film The Wild Thornberrys. Nominated for an Oscar, this is one for the bride and father looking for something a little more contemporary!

7 – I Loved Her First – Heartland

The song is written from the point of view of a bride’s father, ‘I Loved Her First’ by country/pop outfit Heartland is sure to pull at the heart strings of wedding guests and make the brides mascara run!

6 – Over The Rainbow – Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole

Reworked from the Wizard of Oz theme tune, never has one man and his ukulele sounded so sweet and emotional – perfect for any wedding father daughter song, especially if you’re on a Hawaiian beach – you should be so lucky!

5 – Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

There is a chance your dad has had a say in the choice of this song! Brown Eyed Girl is as popular now as it was on its release in 1967 and it’s sure to get your dad on the floor before you do!

4 – Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

‘Slow hand’ Eric Clapton penned this remarkable song about his wife, but he could have been talking about his or anyone’s daughter for that matter. A slow dance number for the bride who wants some quality ‘dad time’ on her wedding day.

3 – Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross

Dedicated to Vandross’ late father, this R&B track has crossed all musical tastes and become one of the most requested father-daughter dances. It’s very popular with Irish brides for obvious reasons.
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2 – Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Written for Wonder’s new-born daughter, Isn’t She Lovely is a very good song choice if you are a bride and father that wants an upbeat track with poignant lyrics that they are able get down to!

1 – My Girl – The Temptations

A song that everybody can sing and dance along to. One for the brides and fathers who don’t like too much time in the spotlight! After a few bars of the song, get the band to request people to get up and dance with a person who means most to them.[/sociallocker]

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