Drinks Reception
How to Set the Mood for a Drinks Reception

It’s easy to set the mood for a drinks reception…especially with the Bentley Boys Band. After the ceremony, guests are often quite happy to indulge in a delicate drink or two while you get acquainted with the photographer and snap those memorable photos.

Many couples worry about their guests while they wait to be seated for the wedding banquet but it’s important you are relaxed and happy while those forever photographs become engrained in memory. 

There can be a bit of waiting around during a wedding day which can have an oddly tiring effect on guests when there is nothing to divert their attention. While they may be more than happy to wait, chat and mingle during these periods, a spot of entertainment won’t go amiss at the Drinks Reception. 

Pre-dinner music is a game-changer

There are plenty of ways to create a fun and relaxed environment which won’t simply be a filler between the two main attractions of ceremony and party. Personal touches like signature cocktails and lawn games can keep your guests happy and enjoying the moment. However, music is often a game changer when setting the mood for the day, so it is certainly something to consider when planning the big day.  

Pre-dinner music, while not a necessity has become something to savour and enjoy while your guests recall the detail on the wedding dress or the quirky words the celebrant used when saying how suited you were for each other. 

Music somehow manages to tie people together and there is plenty of entertainment to choose from when considering the type of music that will interest your guests. Setting the ambiance for your Drinks Reception will set the mood for the rest of the day. Just like the detail, you put into the service, the decoration and the menu, the music is just as important.

Since the Drinks Reception is not the time to start a good dance session, keep the music light and interesting and perhaps with a twist to show off your personal style and flair. Keep the volume turned down so your guests can chat and get to know the out of towners, but also upbeat enough to entertain the aunts and uncles who like to toe tap as they pick at the canapes.

Perfect for the job is the Bentley Boys Jazz Ensemble

Perfect for the job is the Bentley Boys Jazz Ensemble which will perform fabulous ambiance enhancing tunes from their repertoire of jazz, latin, classical and contemporary favourites.  This is especially the case if the Bentley Boys are your evening band. Having them perform for your afternoon Drinks Reception as well will help you cut down on costs and will reduce the number of vendors you have to manage.  If you’re looking for something different, the fabulous Entertainment Coordinators in the Bentley Boys office have a whole host of entertainment solutions up their sleeves that they can put at your disposal. 

Music Evokes Memories

Music often evokes beautiful memories. Why not choose specific songs you know have meaning to certain guests such as your parents, siblings or your Uncle Trevor who travelled halfway around the globe to share your perfect day. Little details with the music will make the wait for the first course seem like minutes. To make it extra special, don’t be shy about asking that friend or family member with the sensational voice to sing a special song or two and make the drinks reception incredibly memorable. 

Regardless of the music you choose, the mood will undoubtedly be set, and your guests will be relaxed and happy. So, while you are away, getting acquainted as ‘Just Married’, you can be confident your guests are indulging in the prosecco and tasty bites you’ve provided, accompanied by top class entertainment.

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