Living Abroad and Getting Married in Ireland? The Bentley Boys are here to help.

Firstly, if you’re reading this and recently engaged…congratulations!! If you are living abroad and currently planning your dream Irish wedding you know the process can be a little nerve-wracking. It’s difficult coordinating across friends and family, dealing with the nuisance that time zones are, and managing the added expense of an overseas wedding. We’ve helped a large number of these brides-to-be (b2b) and grooms-to-be (g2b) book their wedding entertainment. We’re now here to help them with five essential do’s and dont’s of booking your wedding from abroad:

1. Don’t Ignore the Paperwork

We have to start with the boring stuff (unfortunately wedding planning isn’t all about picking out floral arrangements and deciding on your dream dress). The Citizens Information website is a good starting point but the main thing to remember is that you need to notify the registrar at least three months before your wedding. We’d advise you to get in touch beforehand to figure out exactly what documents you need. Handily enough, couples living abroad can request permission to make the three-month notification by post though they’ll still have to meet the registrar at least five days before getting married. This is necessary in order to receive the Marriage Registration form but at least you can save yourself from having to make an extra trip back months before the wedding.  

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

At our monthly showcases we meet lots of best friends, siblings and parents of B2B and G2B. They usually have their phones out taking videos to send on to their engaged friends and dancing along. They’re delighted to be there and to help. The bottom line is let your friends and family at home take part. More often than not, they’ll be more than delighted to be included in the process

Get help if you are getting married in Ireland and planning from abroad

3. Do your research

As great as Google is, it won’t answer all your questions. There are a lot of handy resources for finding out information on wedding suppliers in Ireland. We think weddingsonline is one great source but there are a tonne of similar sites. We’d recommend reading the reviews on any supplier you are thinking about going with on their own website and on these supplier listing sites.

4. Don’t Get Lost Online

There are perils of believing everything that you read in forums or groups and the interests and biases of posters are not always clear. We suggest going straight to the most unbiased source of information, the wedding coordinator at your venue. They know who provides professional, top-notch service and it’s in their interests to point you in the right direction. We recommend that you book suppliers that your wedding planner recommends, people who have been around the block and who know the venue and the market.  After all, their reputation as good wedding coordinators depends on their recommendations!

5. Do Leave the Inessentials to Last

This could easily be titled don’t leave the essentials till last but we wanted to finish on a positive note. We recommend picking your venue and deciding on your wedding entertainment as your two top priorities. Saturdays and Fridays are the favourite days for weddings in Ireland, so it’s possible that you’ll have to book a year to 18 months  in advance or more if you have your heart set on a particular day at a popular property.  The same goes for booking top quality entertainment. You can book the Bentley Boys before you’ve even booked your venue once you’ve decided on a date as we travel right across Ireland. Once a date is decided if you know what you want, book early!

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