9 Tips to Get The Most out of a Wedding Fair

Wedding fairs are a great way to get a kick start in your wedding planning. Whether you’re newly engaged or you’ve been planning for a while, wedding fairs are a great way to gather lots of ideas and meet with wedding vendors who can help you put together the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of! In Ireland there are some really fantastic wedding fairs held across the country in January including the Wedding Journal Shows nationwide and Bride of the Year Show. The Bentley Boys will be exhibiting at each of these shows. Wedding fairs can be quite overwhelming, so we put together a list of 9 tips for getting the most out of a wedding fair. 

Dress Appropriately

  • The number one tip we can offer brides is to wear your most comfy pair of shoes! It’s a looong day on your feet walking around visiting all the vendors, not the day to wear your 6-inch louboutins!
  • Wear comfy clothes especially if you are attending a show to look at dresses. You need something that’s easy to slip on and off.
  • Bring a large bag, preferably with a shoulder strap. You’re going to be given lots of flyers and brochures from exhibitors and need an easy way to carry them. It is also a great idea to carry a pair of heels with you in case you decide to try on bridal gowns.

Bringing a Companion

  • You need someone to bounce ideas off or to save you from making an impulsive decision you may regret later! The big question is who to bring. If your parents are contributing to the wedding or if you are close, bring your Mum. Your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids are people you trust and who’s opinion you value so they are an obvious choice. If your future Mother in Law has no daughters, it’s always nice to extend an invite and let her experience this side of planning she may miss out on. It’s never too early to get on the Mother in Law’s good side! Don’t forget to ask your Groom, this poor fella often gets overlooked in the wedding planning! Try not to bring too many people, you know what they say about too many cooks!

Be Prepared

  • Before attending the wedding fair, get a list of all exhibitors and identify any vendors in particular you want to meet. Save yourself a trek around the venue looking for a vendor who may not even be there! If you have a floor plan, that’s even better. You can plan your day more efficiently!

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Make sure your phone is charged fully, an obvious one we know! Phone batteries today just aren’t what they were in the Nokia 3310 days. During a wedding fair you are going to want to take lots of pictures. We recommend bringing a digital camera (remember those?!) to take some quick snaps without draining your phone battery.
  • Bring a diary or organiser. Be conscious that at these shows exhibitors may not be able to give you a full consultation but if you’re getting good vibes from a business, schedule a consultation for a later date. Scribble it down in your diary and away you go! Bringing a diary or organiser is also handy for holding business cards, leaflets and all your prior research.
  • Bring cash for refreshments and your cheque book for deposits. Some vendors may not have card facilities so always have a backup plan in case you need to make a deposit on the day. Most people don’t want to carry a large wad of cash around with them so a cheque book is best.
  • This is our favourite tip! While at a wedding fair you will meet lots of vendors who will ask for your name and details to send you more information and make contact after the show. Instead of rewriting your details over and over (and over!) and waiting for someone to pass the pen, we have a quick fix! Prior to attending the wedding fair, create mailing labels with your contact details on them. When faced with a contact sheet all you simply have to do is peel off a label and stick to it. Look at all that time we’ve saved you!

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