What is Involved in Booking your Wedding Entertainment?

1. Decide on a band Decide on the band you want – professional bands will always have demo CDs and showcases.  Never book a band that does not – it is a risky thing!! Good professional bands will not be playing in pubs either as they will be too busy on the private events circuit. 2. Quote Give as much detail about your event as you can at this point, so that we can give you an accurate quote.  Maybe your plans are still at an early stage, but that’s OK – just do your best.  We pride ourselves on NEVER throwing in hidden extras, and we regard our quote as a promise to not change the price.  Of course, if there are very large changes to your plan after your quote, it may involve an extra cost to you. 3. Deposit Once you are happy with the quote, you can pay a 25% deposit to reserve that night for you – this is usually done via bank transfer, credit card/laser or cheque/cash.  We will send you bank details and remember to include a clear name reference and function date. Also, its best if you also send us a short e-mail to let us know you made the deposit. 4. Details & Schedule Now that you have paid a deposit, we are all yours!  We pride ourselves on our service, and we are available to chat during business hours, whenever you have an idea or concern.  From this stage we’ll start gathering some more details about your function, and this is often done via our internet form. 5. Music Selection Try to have your song selection ideas finalized by 2 weeks beforehand also.  See the earlier section of this page for more information about how to select the music. 6. Confirmation of all details We will give you a call, usually 4-7 days before the date to confirm all of the details with you.  If you have already locked in all of your details solidly before this date, feel free to call us to do this step earlier. We love it when people are really organised and get this stuff done earlier! 7. On the day The band will usually arrive at your venue 30-90mins before the start time you give us.  The band arrival time will depend on the size of band you require for the night.  Please check to make sure that your venue is OK with the band arriving before your event starts. 8. On the night During the function, the band will continuously liaise with your function coordinator (for weddings usually best man or bridesmaid) to ensure that the night runs smoothly.  The schedule will usually stray somewhat over the night, and your function manager will keep us up to date.  We do our best to help it run tight, but in general, the band takes orders from the function manager, and we rely on their judgement when they tell us to start or stop playing.  When they tell us to do something, we usually assume that it is OK with you too.  Wedding function managers are usually extremely good at their jobs, and we do not argue with ‘em! 9. Payment Payment needs to be finalised on the night, in cash. This means that we can then pay the rest of the band right then and there – keeps the boys happy!  We recommend giving the cash to a trusted friend/family member earlier in the day – you’ll be way too busy to be talking to the band!!  We won’t take it personally if you don’t have time to talk to us on the night  🙁

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Finally, the ultimate question, what do I do if the Bentley Boys are so incredibly good that my guests are overwhelmed on the dance floor?

Don’t Panic. This is a problem that we struggle with all too often.  We suggest that you remind any of your guests with medical conditions to keep their medication on hand.  Also remind your venue manager to keep a first aid kit handy, and have a qualified engineer ensure the structural integrity of the dance floor.