Christmas Party Entertainment

Christmas Parties 2019

The office Christmas party is more than just a well-earned opportunity to let your hair down. A good old Christmas party is an excellent way to boost positive vibes among a workforce.

Here’s why we believe you should round up the troops and dance the night away this Christmas to Bentley Boys Band:

Time to mingle

Sometimes you can find yourself talking to the same people in the office with little opportunity to get to know Tom in Accounts or Gemma in HR. The office Christmas party can lure people out of their usual cliques to interact with the rest of their colleagues.

Celebrate a job well done

This is your perfect opportunity to show your workforce how proud you are of them and all their hard work during the year. A beautiful meal, a few drinks, and class entertainment will give them a night to remember. It will also ensure they come back to work in the new year feeling energised.

Just get up and dance

Nobody cares if you can’t dance. Just get up and dance. By throwing a great Christmas Party for your office with tunes that fill the dance floor, the spirit will be raised and this will enhance the team’s morale and encourage unity across the company.

Smile the night away

A well thought out office Christmas Party is worth its weight in gold. It’s great when everyone has something to plan towards and look forward to. By investing in the festive season your staff will feel valued and motivated. We can’t guarantee this the morning after though 🙂

bentley boys brass section

Planning your Office Christmas party now is essential to ensure The Bentley Boys Band are available to entertain you and your colleagues and take your party experience to a whole new level. Email us on for more information or contact us via our website here. We’d love to hear from you.

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