7 Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day More Enjoyable

With weddings, like life, it’s sometimes the smaller, insignificant things that make the biggest difference to your day and night. Fully enjoying the occasion with your beau, friends and family, can hinge on the tiniest factors! The following is a list of our top tips to help you get the best from your wedding day.

1 Pack a Wedding Day Survival Kit

Like your mammy did when a younger version of you went on trips away, pack a survival bag! A simple wedding day bag for him and her – one might even do between both. Include in the bag, a first aid kit, deodorant, perfume, flat shoes and anything else that can help fix a minor emergency. It can seem a simple idea, but it’s one that is easily overlooked and forgotten about. We have seen a bride pop Maltesers into her new husband’s mouth to keep him sweet during a particularly long photo session! You never know when you might need some chocolate – just mind the dress!

2 Get the Chit-Chat Out of the Way Early

You have invited everybody from your third cousin seven times removed to your mother’s great-grand-uncle and all they want to do is chew the ear off you at every opportunity. As the night wears on, you may want to spend more time with your husband/wife and friends and less time having your ear bombed. If possible, get these hellos out of the way during the early afternoon. In between courses during the meal is a good time to catch your guests – they are seated whilst you are mobile and therefore in control of your chat destiny! Arrange to have the photographer ready to take some snaps of you and your relatives during these informal chats!

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3 Have Your Speeches After the Meal

It’s become something of a fad to have the speeches either before or during the meal instead of the traditional post-dinner yarns. What are you doing!? Stick with the tried and tested! Think about this if you will. Nobody is going to want to move, let alone dance when their bellies are full – just think of Christmas Day. You can barely make it to the couch! Having the speeches near the end allows people time to digest their food, relax. The ladies then usually then like to freshen up whilst the men pile towards the bar for that post-prandial beverage. Our advice is to leave enough time between dessert finishing and the band starting to shake off the food coma and put those dancing shoes on!

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4 Plan Ahead For Your Wedding Photos

You’ve hired a professional photographer but what about your legion of friends, family and their smartphones? They will no doubt want a ‘selfie’ or a group photograph of all the girls and all the lads, but time is always against you on your wedding day. Let me give you a little anecdote about killing several birds with one stone.

In Spain there is tradition at weddings where the bride and groom take arranged group photographs with each others’ friends in one mammoth photo session, in chronological friendship order, and it’s all over in about 15 minutes. Done and dusted. What do I mean by chronological? Well, if you know either the bride or groom since school – that group of friends queue up to have their photo taken first, and so on. So, if you know them through college/work you’ll have to wait for a bit to get your chance. There are queues of people literally waiting to have their photos taken with the couple but it is such a great idea and it leaves lasting memories. This mammoth photo event takes place very soon after the ceremony and before the food is served.

Pre-wedding, organise group photographs of your various collections of friends you’ve amassed from primary school to work, and get it out of the way early if possible. With so many messaging services now available it should be easier than ever to arrange this!

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5 Give the DJ a list of Songs You Actually WANT to Hear!

Nothing worse than a DJ playing songs you either dislike or remind you of why you never liked them in the first place. DJ’s love to play whatever you ask them to play. So do it. Take the time to sit down and make a list of songs you and your partner love to party or rock out to! Playing the songs from your misspent youth can generate a huge amount of nostalgia. This will help you not only re-connect with old friends, but make even more memories!

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Did you know? With Bentley Boys’ entertainment options, you choose the number of band members and which instruments you want for your wedding. It’s that simple!

6 Dance Till Your Feet Feel Fall Off

The band is playing your favourite songs, all your friends and family are enjoying themselves, so remember to ENJOY the occasion. You do have a reason to celebrate after all, so release your inner Ren McCormack and dance, dance, dance like there’s no one watching!

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7 Remember to Take it All In

As any bride and groom will tell you, your wedding day will be utterly crazy with all the fun and celebrations taking place and will pass in an instant. It’s important to remember why both of you are there, so set aside a few minutes here and there with your significant other to revel in the moment and remind each other of the life you will build together.

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