6 Dance Moves You See at Every Irish Wedding

At an Irish weddings you are guaranteed the craic! Starting with a lunchtime ceremony, it usually ends in the small hours of the morning after a night of celebrations. While each wedding is different, there are a few dance moves which seem to creep onto every wedding dance floor.  

Recognise any of these moves?!

1. The Single Ladies

That group of single girls at the wedding squeeel with delight as their song is played. Waving their left hand in everyone’s face, they insist on finishing the dance even though they only know the ‘pump walk’ part of the choreography.



2. The Dad Dance

You’ve seen it enough growing up, no further explanation is required. Terrifying stuff.

3. The Jive

A few jives are expected on every wedding dance floor. Then you’ve got the people who can literally jive to anything. Avicii? David Guetta? Taylor Swift? Not a problem, they’ll Jive to the lot! It really is a talent.


4. The Air Guitar

Usually bust out around the AC/DC time of the night, the air guitar is a staple on the wedding dance floor. Usually accompanied by trouser legs rolled up and ties around heads, this is when the wedding guests really let go!



5. The Musician

Following on from the air guitar we have the musician, which covers a whole spectrum of air instruments including Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Flute, Drums and more. You’ve got an entire air band assembled before the end of the night!



6. Raise the Roof

For those who doubt the structural integrity of the wedding venue, we have raise the roof. This move is commonly accompanied by cries of the roof being on fire (9/10 times it’s not).

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